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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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- accused of elder abuse...d a sheriff's de two bay area cops in trouble with the law. a police officer accused of elder abuse, and a deputy suspected of robbing a bank. >> a fallen general testifies on a deadly attack, and the first signs of a deal as we creep toward the fiscal cliff. >> wahoo! it's twinkie the kid kid! wow! >> howdy partners! >> the depression , the cold war, and plight of labor in the 21st century. what we can learn about america with an autopsy on the twinkie. steady rain falling all
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across our area tonight. you are looking at sam and selma right now. paul as a look at the radar. and you won't believe what it shows. >> a lot of rainfall north of the golden gate. and that's been the focus all evening long. yellows and oranges. that's a rainfall rate of .5 inches per hour. santa rosa, novato. a bit of a break for san rafael. look at the lack of rain from san francisco south of san jose back up to oakland. it's all in the north bay right now. but that's going to change. weather. his job was to protect a >> check live for your neighborhood anytime you want. his job was to protect and
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7. now a -- and serve. now a former police channeder is in trouble with -- commander is in trouble with the law himself. he and his wife are accused of trying to swindle an elderly woman out of her estate. >> it makes me sad that people would prey on the elderly like that. and especially under the guise of being a police officer. >> reporter: too upset and disturbed to be identified this, pleasanton resident is talking about her neighbor. police commander matthew messier is behind bars charged with defrauding an 82-year-old woman who lived three doors down from him. everyone called her jean. >> i think of her like my own grandmother. >> reporter: he and his wife who is now at large placed the
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woman's entire estate into a trust. it was recorded may 15th of this year. >> he was able to basically con her into signing over her entire estate to him and his wife. >> he is very good at convincing you. >> reporter: a lengthy investigation, the 11-year veteran is charged with grand theft, elder abuse, forgery, registering a fraudulent document, conspiracy, and practicing law without a license. neighbors tell us jean is home tonight. but they asked us not to disturb her because she is so badly shaken up. we have learned that she was an only child and grew up in living in this pleasanton home. her grandparents were the original owners. today, jean learned about the arrest from her neighbor. >> her first concern was for his children, and for their pets. >> reporter: the elderly woman's estate and assets are worth close to $1 million.
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a san francisco shaefr deputy is also under -- sheriff's deputy is also under arrest tonight. phillip to think stole $1,500 from the bank of america on balboa street earlier this month. investigators say they got fingerprints from the demand note the suspect gave the teller that matched to think's. video shows a man resembling him enter think the bank and running out with arms full of cash >> san francisco residents expect their men and women in uniform to uphold the law. the actions of this defend are deplorable, and there will be serious consequences. >> that could include losing his job if he's found guilty. he was 3 quarters of a million dollars in debt and recently filed for bankruptcy. israel has stepped up its
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air assault. war planes bombed hamas government and security compounds. israel is sending more reservists to the border, and everyone is waiting are if israeli troops to invade. hamas is lobbing more rockets into israel that randed near -- landed near tel aviv and judge oors -- jerusalem. how the events a world away are playing out here. >> both sides are locked in passionate protests that are escalating with the growing violence abroad. and a ground-swell of pro-palestine supporters in san francisco for the second day in a row. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: like the fight over abortion and same-sex marriage, all too often there is little middle ground when it comes to israel and palestine. >> the people on one side of
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the street are screaming for the elimination of the israeli state and calling us commies. >> it's really very hard to understand this. >> reporter: the scale of these protests outside the israeli consulate in san francisco speaks volumes. small clusters of activists outnumbered by those who support palestine. they are younger, their voices louder. >> have the fights in the streets of san francisco doesn't help. >> i don't think that there is lack of support. i think in a way in the bay area, this is a place where it's a relentless producer of new ideas. one of the ideas is antiwar. >> reporter: and antiwar activists weary of armed conflict are sometimes drawn to the plight of palestinians. at
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berkeley, the government is investigating allegations of anti-semitism. >> shame on you! >> reporter: a shift that could only intensify as both sides edge closer to a ground war in gaza. >> the general of israel says he's focused on educating groups about the conflict as opposed to demonstrating. but similar protests are planned globally. today in a secured briefing, the former head of the cia testified about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in lib yachlt there were no -- libya. there were no cameras allowed, but the closed-door hearing drew plenty of attention. >> reporter: david petraeus sped away from the capitol.
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according to a republican senator he never had any doubt about what to call the attack on the american consulate >> there was no question in the mind of anybody that this was an act of terrorism when the get-go. >> reporter: by the morning after, the cia knew that some of the attackers who killed the americans were members of extremist groups. president obama refrained from calling it a terrorist attack when he spoke with 60 minutes that afternoon >> do you believe this was a terrorist attack? >> it's too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved. but obviously it was an attack on americans. >> reporter: from intercepts of cellphone calls and text messages during the attack, the cia knew some of the attackers belonged to al-qaeda. petraeus testified any mention of al-qaeda was edited out of talking points for susan rice when she appeared on "face the
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nation." according to peter king, how that happen side a mystery. >> no one knows who came up with the final version of the talking points. the original points prepared by the cia were different from the ones finally put out. >> reporter: the final version said "there are indications that extremists participated in the assault." a bland description of what intelligence judged to be a terrorist attack involving extremists with links to al-qaeda. tonight the white house issued a statement denying it played any role in editing out those two loaded terms, terrorism and al-qaeda. >> the first public gathering of the men and women who must resolve the fiscal cliff. there is reneweded talk of a so -- renewed talk of a grand bargain >> i think we're all talk of a
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so -- renewed talk of a grand bargain >> i think we're all aware that we have some business to do. >> reporter: they are willing to put their own sacred cows on the line to get a deal and calm jittery financial marketings. >> to show our seriousness, we've put revenue on the table as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. >> reporter: john boehner proposed that leaders establish a framework in the next six weeks for widescale reform of the tax code, medicare and social security in 2013. the goal would be to set specific targets now for savings for those reforms. that would negate the need for deep spending cuts that are set to kick in on january 1st. >> take some deep breaths. >> reporter: while democrats balk at any intention of
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entitlement reform, nancy pelosi signals a new openness >> do we want to have saves from everything that we do? certainly. we need revenue, savings, and growth. >> reporter: she said there appeared to be interest among the leaders for a big deal, $4 trillion in deficit reduction along the lineups of the grand bargain -- lines of the grand bargain that fell apart between the president dent and john boehner last year. tonight the shelves are empty. >> i'm just fighting for my rights and don't take away what i got. >> the twinkie is now a story of lost jobs. >> it's a childhood memory, definitely. >> in the creamy filling, there is also a lesson in nostalgia. why so many americans are
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suddenly so fond of yellow dye no. 5. >> here's your reward! >> thanks! creamy filling! >> and it is also the story of us. how the 150-calorie snack cake can teach us a lot about 80 years of american history.
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incorporated, the maker of twinkies and wonder bread ag others, has filed for banru. the beleaguered bakery will hostess, the maker of twinkies has filed bankruptcy. >> they will lay off 18,000 workers and blames union workers
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for pushing it off a financial cliff. the union says hostes asked for unreasonable wage and benefit cuts as top executives took large pay raises. one striking workers said whether employees worked or walked, they'd still lose. >> it'll be hard for me any way. whether i stay here or go inside, they're going to cut the money anyway and benefits. >> another factor figures into the demise of the ding-dong. according to a research group, americans have a habit for junk food. and it has been waning. the hostess shutdown is causing americans to begin hoarding ho-hos and waxing nostalgic about their fading childhoods! that is creating a whole new market for all things hostess. elizabeth cook is here to explain. >> reporter: lori has a ritual. >> it was
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almost like the oreo, i would unravel it and eat the chocolate first. >> reporter: for her, ho-hos report just a treat, they're noftinglia -- nostalgia. she was just one of thousands around the country to load up on the creamy goodness. he has been stocking his market in san francisco with twinkies, and cup cakes for years. but they haven't been selling well. >> it's a childhood memory definitely. >> reporter: you can get a couple cakes for a few bucks. but after it went belly-up, folks on craigslist are selling them from up to $2,000 a case. >> i don't know if i should
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save them, but i think i'll eat them instead. >> we were one of the lucky ones to take home a couple of the more popular treats, the cup cakes and the twinkies. the market was forced to take them off the shelves because they had an expiration date. i don't know when the last time i ate either of those. >> never too late! >> no, it's too late. [ laughter ] >> i know kenny likes them. >> i'll eat them! >> he miky! [ laughter ] we're seeing a lot of wistful emoting over the twinkie. 7% of your daily allowance of cholesterol, and 9% of your daily allowance of sodium.
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to be fair, you do get 2% of your daily iron requirement! the twinkie was bigger than a nutritional label. the twinkie said a lot about us. >> i don't even it tastes that good! but it reminds me of childhood! >> reporter: iconic yellow. born in the depths of the great depression, made timeless in the age of black and white. >> yeah! it's twinkie the kid! wow! >> howdy partners! >> reporter: in a time of backyard bomb shelters, the twinkie was said to last forever. >> thanks! creamy filling! >> reporter: a cheap forever-food filled with vanilla cream and layers of mystery. >> ever wonder how they get that creamy filling into the middle of a twinkies cake! >> what do they put in these
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things? >> sugar-enriched flour, yellow dye no. 5. >> reporter: actually it's a little more complicated. >> cellulose gum, calcium sulf oat and polysorbate are also used in rocket fuel. >> reporter: and the raw materials come from all over the world, the far east, africa, india, europe, the middle east, and the united states. >> you're biting into the twinkie industrial complex. a worldwide network, i call it the twinkie nexus. >> reporter: in the shock and sadness following the assassinations of san francisco mayor george mas connie and harvey milk, there was the twifrpgy defense -- twinkie defense. they claimed his
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twinkie obsession wassan obsession not a cause for murder. >> reporter: as america evolved, so did its nutritious consciousness. >> michelle has told me i cannot have a fried twinkie. [ laughter ] >> it is bad that i even said the word twinkie from behind this microphone! >> reporter: and then the lethal blow. a 21st century labor dispute. >> they're putting the people's pay eight pardon. they're eliminating their pensions. >> reporter: with that, hostess is history. salary, pensions, season thousand jobs are gone. for workers, it's a loss that cannot be eased with comfort food. for consumers, they have to stomach empty shelves and convenience store aisles, and the end of a high-calorie american love affair. >> i don't think nothing will replace twivengies. >> reporter: now -- twinkies. >> reporter: now reaching its
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ultimate test of shelf life. the hostes twinkie, dead tonight at the age of 82. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup
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and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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ul. >> i'm going to need a minute with the twinkies! you could do the weather, please? >> for the record, twinkies are good. those fruit pies? oh, man! i ate way too many of those in 5th grade! here's what we have going on weather-wise. it is a wet night north of the golden gate. look at all that yellow! covering everywhere in marin county, sonoma county. all the way over to napa. fairfield. that batch of yellow right there will work its way north up along the peninsula hitting daly city, and the city of san francisco eventually.
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rainfall totals so far, most of this over the past couple hours, more than half an inch from santa rosa and san rafael, and berkeley about 0.30 of an inch of rainfall there. all this rain hugging the california coast down to about los angeles. even seeing some showers in san diego. that will give us rainfall tonight and early tomorrow. then i think you're going to get a break saturday afternoon. another round of steady to heavy rainfall moves through saturday evening because of this cold front. once it moves to our south, we will clear and dry things out. that likely will occur sunday afternoon. rainfall totals by tomorrow morning, our computer models saying an 1.0 inch to 1.5 inches of rainfall over the next 24 hours. palo alto 61, 62
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for walnut creek, brentwood 62, pleasanton 62, and 60 degrees for san rafael, mill valley and san francisco. wet from now through sunday morning! clear out sunday afternoon, monday and tuesday looking dry, showers return wednesday and thanksgiving. time for sports! the stanford women's basketball team took care of business tonight in hawaii! could the warriors start their 3-game road trip with a win in minnesota?
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so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. are without their star forwd kevin love.. warriors wanted to start that 3-game road trip on a positive night against the
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timberwolves. seth curry finished with 6 assists. weep call this excellent ball movement! david lee finishes that off, 18 points for the game. nice little pass, the other man was harrison barnes! the drive, the pretty move, the bucket! warriors win this one. cal bears against denver. a little hustle off the rebound. rob utter thurman, good -- robert thurman, cal wins 72-61. they start the year 3-0. streaming video from hawaii. stanford baying baylor 71-69! rematch of last year's women's final 4, and the cardinals win it, 3-0. you saw that! yeah! that's a hard hit. jay cut ler not getting up --
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cutler, not getting up. filling? jason campbell. that does it for eyewitnesss
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!


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